Chief Joseph Neve welcomes you to our website. The mission of the Lynbrook Police Department is enhance the quality of life in the community through our service to the public, protection of persons and property, and impartial enforcement of the law.


This mission will be accomplished through the following values:

  • We will wisely deploy resources available to reduce the level of criminal victimization.

  • We will optimize communication with citizens to cooperatively identify needs and apprehend criminals. 

  • We will provide professional concerned responses to various medical and social emergency situations.

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  • We believe that integrity is the basis for public trust. Honesty and integrity are not to be the exception within the department, but a requirement of all personnel.

  • We will serve as facilitators to seek solutions to community problems by responsive utilization of resources available within and outside our police department including cooperative ventures with other police agencies.

  • We will treat all persons with respect and courtesy.

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